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Kick Off & 6th Anniversary


On the 21st of November, Edge Innovation joined up for its annual kick off and celebration of its 6th anniversary.
The four founded partners welcomed all Edge’s workers at Suite, in Casino Lisboa, to celebrate another milestone in the company that promises to be a major player in the IT Market.
There was a voyage to the past, a tribute to the present, to the 2012 achievements and to the management team that supports them, and it was presented the bright future that awaits for Edge Innovation.
Not missed was the happy birthday singing, having a great birthday cake, whose candles were blown out together by the four partners of Edge Innovation.


The event was also marked by the strong interaction and cumplicity between all colleagues, as well as by the Edge Awards Ceremony:
Adriana Moutinho – Special Business Angel;
Alexandre Costa – Top Consultant;
Fábio Araújo – Commitment Leader;
Mário Ferreira – King Procedure;
Nuno Fonseca – Technical Master;
Pedro Antunes – ProActivity Guru
Susana Santos – Edge Spirit.


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