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Crowdfunding platform for journalists


iFundNews is the most recent project from the innovation team at Edge Innovation and will be introduced to the public next Tuesday, November 12th, at 17h00 pm, at Torre do Tombo, Lisbon.


The iFundNews platform is a vehicle of free communication, which is based on a crowd funding system: journalists come up with an idea for an article (written or in a video-documentary format), and those who are interested in that article can sponsor it to be written and posted online.


The main goals of the iFundNews platform are to provide a free journalistic site, clear and transparent, helping journalists gather funds to produce independent and exempted journalistic articles, as well as, to give opportunities to a growing number of unemployed journalists.


The subscriptions for the presentation can be placed at the platform website, at


More information can be found at:…………


Hope to see all of you there tomorrow!


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