Edge Academy Career

Edge Academy intends to be a centre for training of recently graduated students from the best universities of Portugal and abroad, to facilitate their integration in the working market. Edge’s objective is to endow best talents with the necessary tools to promote high performance.


Considering the high requirements of today’s market and the challenges imposed to the companies, we believe that only through an appropriate training plan it is possible for companies to achieve a high performance degree.


Edge Academy has three stages:

Behavioural training : intends to guarantee that students acquire competencies as far as colleagues and management, as well as client, relationship is concerned and also to the necessary values to a professional conduct. It intends to be a bridge between university and the market.[/p]

Technical training: intends to guarantee that students acquire all the technical knowledge necessary to the correct execution of the tasks assigned by the client.[/p]

Knowledge of the Client: it is intended that students acquire knowledge about the client. This way it is possible to capitalize the knowledge that Edge possesses of its clients – business, projects and technologies.[/p]