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Innovation Director will speak @ Ignite Portugal

The Ignite events are characterized by their fast paced presentations, where in 20 slides, with a 5 minutes time limit, the speaker has to presents his thoughts. The core ideas of the presentations are Creativity, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


This event will have place in Aveiro, at Funceramics and will start at 19:00.
This is part of Ignite Portugal series of events, having the theme “Which is your purpose?”, in which David Carvalhão will introduce to the audience what he believes to be the foundation of a Happy Entrepreneur.


In his perception and his personal philosophy of entrepreneurship, David says that projects without a meaning have low value and that money shouldn’t be the main focus. Even though it helps on the development of the project, in the end it doesn’t give that ultimate sense of fulfillment.


We can’t wait to hear you!


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