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Merger Vertigus Consulting – Edge Consulting

Edge Innovation emerged from a merge between two companies which operated in the Information Systems consultancy market in Portugal:

Edge Consulting, a company known for its enhanced know-how as far as enterprise technologies implementation are concerned, namely Siebel CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Open Source CRM, Open Source ERP.


Vertigus Consulting, a consultancy and project management specialized company, known by its development of information systems architecture and development of customized applications, using various technologies such as NET/SQL, Objective-C/SQLite, PHP/mySQL, Java/Oracle.

Both companies provided, from their genesis, their best technical know-how in projects managed by their clients and their partners a service called Outsourcing, for which both companies have demonstrated the quality of their collaborators.

As a result of this merge, Edge Innovation emerges with all the complementary services offered by the two companies and has added two new services, which come up as a result of a steady analysis to the market carried out strategically. At this moment we are working in the genesis of an innovation team which will be dedicated to the development of “state of the art” applications associated with mobile development and systems integration, allowing a high availability of the applications and the improvement of the access to the systems, with the possibility of having the applications “on our fingertips”.


Another service arises as a necessity and frequent request by our clients. Wanting high quality consultants, and wishing that our consultants remain welcome in our clients’ structure Edge Talents was created, a new mark on the war of IT talent hunting, guaranteeing that companies which bet on the renewal of their teams are assured that their bet is the correct one.


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