Neighbour country projects made in Portugal

“Maximum quality, flexibility and economy in record time”

The concept of nearshoring is based on the transference of IT projects to a neighbour country which allows an identical or superior delivery quality, but with lower costs.
Edge Innovation made a great bet in development and in the reinforcement of the Portuguese intellectual capital, capitalizing this investment in more developed economies. We aim to dislocate I&D services, software development and centres to Portugal, where it is possible to benefit from several advantages such as:

  • Geographical proximity and low cost of accompaniment;
  • Time zone similar to the rest of Europe;
  • Great knowledge of the European market , at an operational, cultural and legal level;
  • Political stability;
  • Highly specialized teams.


We are specialists in CRM, EAI, Outsystems, GIS, BI, ERP and customized development (Microsoft, Java, among others). The nearshoring teams have top quality business analysts, developers and technological architects.