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Pedro Malheiro and David Carvalhão: Mentors @ Labe

Pedro Malheiro and David Carvalhão, CEO and Innovation Director of Edge Innovation, will be mentors at the Labe initiative promoted by UATEC (University of Aveiro – Unit of Technology Transfer).


The main goal of the Labe iniciative is to promote the entrepreneurship at the University, as well as in the region. Labe – Laboratory of Entrepreneurship, will develop a set of workshops to provide the necessary tools for successful businesses.


Pedro Malheiro and David Carvalhão will help these entrepreneurs, using their knowledge and experience, giving guidance in steps like the ‘business plan’ or the ‘investment proposal’.


The attendees will also be able to submit their ideas/ businesses in contest “Empreende +”, applying the concepts learned in this workshops. The applicants have until June 26st to submit their projects.


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